The Belwood area in east Los Gatos had a healthy number of sales in 2019 (sales which closed or originated in 2019). The map below indicates the listings and sales of single family homes (houses) in the Surmont, Belgatos, Belwood, and contiguous areas last year. (There was also one duplex, info on that below.)


Map of the single family home sales in the Belwood area in 2019


The tables below are a bit small to read, but if you click on them, it will open up in a new tab as full width (1200 px instead of 700 px). Here’s what did close escrow in 2019 for single family homes. Click image to enlarge.


Table with info on the Belwood area 2019 sales

Please click on image to enlarge – table with info on 2019 sales in Belwood, Belgatos, Surmont, and adjacent areas.


There was one duplex just off of Belwood Gateway (the two courts near the cabana have duplexes).


Table with info on the Belwood area duplex sold in 2019

Click image to enlarge


Right now, here’s what is available (there’s a “coming soon” sign on a property on Belwood Gateway right now, too):

A list with info on the Belwood active and pending

Please click on the image to enlarge – it will open in a new tab