It looks like there will there be 30 new homes built at the Mirassou School site, which until recently housed Mulberry School, per a recent vote at the Union School District office.

The proposed construction came as a surprise to many of us, but the momentum toward this outcome has been moving along in the Union School District, which owns the property at 220 Belgatos Rd, Los Gatos. After much hard work (unknown as it was to the public), Robson Homes has emerged as the partner.


Future site of the 30 new homes to be built by Robson - school field as seen on Belvue Drive, Los Gatos


Meeting regarding the proposed 30 new homes

Union School District hosted a special meeting to vote on the agreement between Robson Homes and the district on Friday, August 25th @ 4:30p.m. The vote did go through, and the 30 new homes will be built on the grassy lot per the image below.

How could this go through when the neighbors object?

Right now the town’s housing plan has not been blessed by the state. Builders have an advantage, and can utilize the “Builder’s Remedy” to force through projects that might otherwise not have been permitted. Unfortunately, that isn’t the only state regulation that can push this through despite local opposition. It’s a complex network of laws that appear to make it possible for builders and landowners able to build despite CCRs, zoning laws, and the objection of immediate neighbors.

That said, some of the neighbors are objecting and are gearing up for a legal fight.

What is the objection to these units being constructed?

Neighbors object on several points:

  • The majority of the neighborhood consists of homes on appx 8,000 SF lots to 12,000 SF lots, some larger (almost none smaller). These houses and duet homes will be on postage sized lots.
  • Belgatos Road already has too much traffic with the schools and Belgatos Park.
  • The intersection of Belgatos Road and Blossom Hill Road is dangerous now, as the two fatalities this year underscore. Adding probably 60 new cars coming and going to exacerbate this issue.
  • School crowding has been raised as an issue.
  • I haven’t heard, but would expect that the folks living right next to the school yard’s property line will be unhappy about the loss of privacy, increased noise and shadows, and so on.

Where will the residences be built?

The current school lot would be split into two sections, one remaining an educational facility (Stratford School now) and the other would be developed into 24 single family homes and 6 duet homes (attached single family homes, not duplexes). There will be 9 ADUs (accessory dwelling units). Sometimes these are attached, sometimes detached or over a garage. All units will be 2 stories and approximately 25′ tall.

30 new homes proposed at 220 Belgatos Rd, Los Gatos, with Robson Homes developing the site if it's approved.


About Robson Homes

Robson Homes built Rosewood along Cully Place, as seen on broker preview in January 2023. Robson Homes is a highly regarded, local builder and it is fairly well known.

The company has built several local subdivisions, including Blueberry Lane in Los Gatos off Los Gatos Boulevard and the Bella Vista HOA (on the former Villa Felice site) off of Winchester.

Most recently, you may have seen properties built on Cambrian Union School District land near the Camden Community Center in the Rosewood neighborhood.

While many neighbors may object to construction in the neighborhood generally, I want to chime in that this is a quality builder and these homes will be prized by home buyers for the smart design, good room sizes, and many thoughtful details in creating both welcoming homes and streets.


More information on the upcoming new home construction

Like many of my neighbors, I received an email with information on this proposed development, and these links were included.

Costs to repair the field at Mirassou (formerly the Mulberry School site)
Information about the potential developer-Robson Homes:
*Information regarding the specific development at the site:
August 21, 2023 Terra Realty Real Property Update Presentation
Finally, we all have questions:
  • How long will construction take?
  • How much will the homes cost?
  • What will be the impact to homes directly adjacent to the construction zone?
  • Will these houses and duet homes all be members of the Cabana, or will they be a new “D” member area, or?

I’m not concerned about adding 30 new homes to the community in general. My strongest issue is for those who have single story homes who will now have 2 story houses or duet homes looking down into their yard – a big loss of privacy. People don’t buy houses next to schools and then expect houses to be erected in their place.  I’d like to see all of the adjacent houses receive some sort of compensation for their home value impact due to the loss of privacy. Is that on the table?