My friend Kirstie Leary, who’s one of the owners of, shared with me the notice from Mulberry School on Harwood Road today:

A white male in his 50s, driving a dark blue van, has been seen approaching young children in the Clovis Avenue-Harwood Road neighborhood, on the other side of Blossom Hill. Specifically, the man was seen driving down Clovis Avenue, and stopped near the corner at Amby Drive yesterday. He approached girls while playing in the leaves in front of their own house, indicating that he wanted to take their picture because they were so cute. When the man was approached by the parent, he took off in a hurry down the street. 

There was reportedly a large teddy bear in the front passenger side of his van, which had the appearance of a work vehicle. The van was dark blue, about 10 years old, with an extension ladder on the roof. 

The incident was reported to the police because it was suspicious and scary. Please call 911 if you see suspicious activity.

Please take a moment to share with your child what to do if approached by strangers. Working together to create a plan of how to handle such a situation can be most helpful for everyone.

Please keep your eyes open and call 911 if you see something suspicious!