Belwood, Belgatos, Surmont, and Heritage Grove demographic data

City Data Belwood demographics - Belwood, Belgatos, Surmont, and Heritage Grove demographic dataCity-Data shares demographic data by neighborhood. While the maps aren’t always precise, they provide some insights for smaller parts of the town of Los Gatos. Please take it with a big grain of salt – as you view the demographic data data, you’ll find some questionable results (such as the average household size being 16 people here!).

The “Belwood” area map includes all of Belwood of Los Gatos, Belgatos, Surmont, and Heritage Grove. Curious? Check it out at the City-Data Belwood page.

Neighborhood crime

Recently we have seen an uptick in neighborhood crime both in our immediate Belwood, Belatos, Surmont, and adjacent areas here in east Los Gatos as well as the neighboring communities of Cambrian, Almaden, and Saratoga.  Specifically, a gang of 4 intruders has been hitting homes perceived to be unoccupied, often entering through back sliding doors, rummaging quickly for jewelry and cash, and getting away in under 10 minutes.

Where are the burglaries happening?

Most of Santa Clara County is using the City Protect crime map, but the Town of Los Gatos recently launched our crime info on a different platform,  It would be wise to check both sites since our community is so close to Cambrian and Almaden (as well as county pockets).


2021 LG MS neighborhood crime map e1614360376767 - Neighborhood crime


The neighborhood crime info isn’t as thorough I would like. In recent weeks we had some attempted break ins by that gang of four near my house in which they got into backyards but didn’t get into the homes.  They moved swiftly and the police did, too – but were gone before they could be apprehended. Those attempted burglaries are not to be found on crime info website.

My recommendation is that you log onto Nextdoor at least once in awhile and check the crime activity in our part of Los Gatos in addition to checking the 2 websites linked above. Or if you have a Ring doorbell, the online Ring community also has good sharing of information. (I wonder if Nest similarly has online sharing?) If you have neighbors who aren’t on Nextdoor, fill them in if you read about an episode so that they can make their home safer and have more surveillance.

Many of the would be and successful burglaries appear to happen when it looks like no one is home. The thieves go into backyards and then often smash a sliding glass door to gain entry. It’s loud, and alarms may go off, but they leave fast and so far haven’t been caught.

If you have security cameras, you can register them with the Los Gatos Monte Sereno Police Department.

Neighborhood sales in 2020

Neighborhood sales were strong in 2020, aside from the initial halt to the entire market with COVID last spring. At this link you can view info on the sold properties in Belwood, Belgatos, Surmont, and adjacent areas (not my sales) as of today. Below please find an overview of the same info. Click to view larger version of the image.

Belwood as of December 22 700x521 - Neighborhood sales in 2020


How’s the market looking for 2021? As of right now, inventory is low and prices look to remain strong for at least the first six months, if not the whole year. You can read more of my market predictions on my main blog, the Valley of Heart’s Delight blog: Silicon Valley real estate market predictions.

104 Bacigalupi Dr – Belwood of Los Gatos home for sale

104 Bacigalupi Dr Belwood of Los Gatos 5 375x250 - 104 Bacigalupi Dr - Belwood of Los Gatos home for salePENDING WITH 2 OFFERS

Update: CLOSED on July 10th, 2020 and sold at list price.

Great layout, location, and natural light! The home at 104 Bacigalupi Drive is available now!  The special house enjoys an ideal floor plan featuring an over sized family room which is open to the island kitchen, with both overlooking the gorgeous back yard and the hills beyond.

Facing the street are the separate living and dining rooms, with a full bedroom and bathroom finishing the ground floor. Upstairs are 4 more bedrooms and 2 full baths. The master suite is situated in the back and offers a stunning view of the foothills.

Set near the base of the hills, this lovely house is within the Belwood of Los Gatos community, which features the Belwood Cabaña, pool, basketball courts, bocce ball courts, lawn, picnic tables, and more. It’s just a few blocks to Belgatos Park & open space trails and only 2 blocks to the Walgreen’s Shopping Center, which includes a Starbucks, Mountain Mike’s Pizza, and of course Walgreen’s. A couple of blocks more and you arrive at highly regarded Noddin Elementary Schools. Hiking trails abound nearby!

Quick facts:
5 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
living room, dining room, and huge family room
2344 SF
7773 lot size
Year built 1968
Attached 2 car garage
Central forced air conditioning
Dual pane windows
HOA Dues $580 per year


104 Bacigalupi Dr Belwood of Los Gatos 29 - 104 Bacigalupi Dr - Belwood of Los Gatos home for sale

104 Bacigalupi Dr – Belwood of Los Gatos home for sale

Large dual pane windows provide wonderful views and oodles of natural light. Central AC keeps the house comfortable on the warmest days. Fresh paint and new or newer floor coverings throughout. Super clean!

The kitchen enjoys an island with gas cooktop, a good sized sink overlooking the back yard, a breakfast bar on the peninsula, and a good amount of storage & counter space. There are wood-looking laminate floors in this part of the home.


104 Bacigalupi Dr Belwood of Los Gatos 9 - 104 Bacigalupi Dr - Belwood of Los Gatos home for sale


And another angle:


104 Bacigalupi Dr Belwood of Los Gatos 10 - 104 Bacigalupi Dr - Belwood of Los Gatos home for sale



Belgatos playground closed

Today my family and I enjoyed a walk in the neighborhood with the dry, warmer weather. Lots of neighbors were out biking, hiking, and walking dogs, and we wondered if the Belgatos Park playground would be in use, or off limits due to the coronavirus restrictions. Not surprisingly, it was cordoned off.


2020 03 19 Belgatos Park playground closed Covid 19 700x525 - Belgatos playground closed


In addition to the police tape, there’s a sign to keep people from being in too-close proximity on the equipment.


2020 03 19 Belgatos Park sign that playground is closed coronavirus Shelter In Place 700x508 - Belgatos playground closed


Be safe out there!

Vote at the Belwood of Los Gatos Cabaña

Midway through a major election year, voting on a few measures and maybe the presidential primary may not be at the top of everyone’s To Do List.  In the Belwood-Belgatos area, we’re fortunate that our polling place is extremely local – you can vote at the Belwood of Los Gatos Cabaña.  Stop on by – lines are short and the folks handing out the ballots are very nice.  It’s a good reason to take a few minutes out of your regular day.  And the bonus for all of us is that it’s such a scenic place.

If you aren’t going to be home, and have already completed  your ballot, there are a myriad of ballot drop off locations. Check out the list here:


Belwood of Los Gatos polling place - Vote at the Belwood of Los Gatos Cabaña

2019 real estate sales in Belwood, Belgatos, Surmont & nearby

The Belwood area in east Los Gatos had a healthy number of sales in 2019 (sales which closed or originated in 2019). The map below indicates the listings and sales of single family homes (houses) in the Surmont, Belgatos, Belwood, and contiguous areas last year. (There was also one duplex, info on that below.)


2020 1 22 Map of Belwood area sales - 2019 real estate sales in Belwood, Belgatos, Surmont & nearby


The tables below are a bit small to read, but if you click on them, it will open up in a new tab as full width (1200 px instead of 700 px). Here’s what did close escrow in 2019 for single family homes. Click image to enlarge.


2020 1 22 Belwood area 2019 sales 700x347 - 2019 real estate sales in Belwood, Belgatos, Surmont & nearby

Please click on image to enlarge – table with info on 2019 sales in Belwood, Belgatos, Surmont, and adjacent areas.


There was one duplex just off of Belwood Gateway (the two courts near the cabana have duplexes).


2020 1 22 Belwood area duplex sold in 2019 700x165 - 2019 real estate sales in Belwood, Belgatos, Surmont & nearby

Click image to enlarge


Right now, here’s what is available (there’s a “coming soon” sign on a property on Belwood Gateway right now, too):

2020 1 22 Belwood active and pending 700x250 - 2019 real estate sales in Belwood, Belgatos, Surmont & nearby

Please click on the image to enlarge – it will open in a new tab