Bark for trailor path at Belgatos Park in Los GatosWhen trees are pruned, fall or are removed at Belgatos Park in Los Gatos, what happens to them?  Many, if not all, are recycled on the spot and become wood mulch for use back in the same park.  The path between the side gate on Bacigalupi Drive and the parking lot at Belgatos Park is the occasional recipient of tanbark or mulch.  This makes walking the area after a rain a whole lot safer (less slippery) and pleasant (since heavy mud doesn’t stick to feet – or paws).

Saw this the other day and chuckled to see part of a yellow plastic tape included with the mulch (probably used to advise people to keep away from an unstable tree).  Also noticed that a small hole had been burrowed into one pile already – I imagine that for the time being, the mound makes an ideal home for a field mouse or two.

Los Gatos is a “Tree City USA” town. Isn’t it nice to know that even when a tree dies or has to be removed, it’s still useful and immediately recycled into the same park?

Chips flattened at Belgatos Park