Belwood Cabaña

Please visit the HOA website,, for the most current information on the membership areas,  Cabaña, pool, and clubhouse. 


Belwood of Los Gatos Cabaña Membership:

The cabaña offers a pool (lifeguards, swim lessons, The Dolphins swim team, and a great place to throw a party), basketball courts, and a clubhouse (where neighbors usually vote and other events happen throughout the year).

If you are interested in renting the pool or cabaña for your event, please contact  the Facility Manager for the Homeowner’s Association at 358-2229 or by email at

Lifeguard jobs: If you are looking to work as a lifeguard at the Belwood Pool, please contact the HOA via their website:  

Who Belongs?

Part of the neighborhood automatically belongs to the cabaña and has “class A” (mandatory) membership. Part of the area has optional membership, or “class D”.

Belwood of Los Gatos has 285 homes with mandatory dues. The area roughly follows these boundaries: south of Blossom Hill Road, west of Harwood Road (except for Jaime Court and part of Bacigalupi Drive) and east of Belgatos Road. In 2017, the cost of the  dues is $555 per year. The optional or class D areas are the homes bounded by Belgatos Road east to Westhill and south to Blossom Hill Road plus 14 homes along Jaime Court and a part of Bacigalupi Drive. (Optional members currently pay $720 (as of 2023) per year to belong and use the pool plus $75 or a similarly nominal fee if you also want a key.)

Belwood of Los Gatos HOA membership and Class D Map areas

Belwood of Los Gatos HOA membership and Class D Map areas


Info on HOA, and many of the HOA docs, can be found here:


Pool Operation Dates:

The pool opens on different dates each year. That info can be found at

Belwood Cabaña Rules:

1. Members must carry membership cards at all times.

2. No Diving. No running on pool deck. No horseplay in and around pool area.

3. No alcohol allowed within the pool facility. No exceptions.

4. A life vest may only be worn by a child if he/she is accompanied by an adult in the pool.

5. Only children under 6 years of age are allowed in the kid’s pool. Children in the kid’s pool must be closely supervised by an adult within the pool facility at all times. Kid’s pool is not supervised by lifeguards.

6. Children under 10 years of age must be supervised by an adult within the pool facility at all times.

7. All swimmers are subject to a swimming proficiency test at the discretion of a lifeguard.

8. No glass allowed in the pool facility. No gum allowed within the pool facility.

9. User of the facility are required to clean up after themselves.

10. During cabaña hours, non-member guest fees are $3 per person. No exceptions.

11. Only members who have purchased a facility key may use the cabaña outside of cabaña hours. The actual homeowner must be present if the facility is being used outside of cabaña hours. No guests allowed.

12. A swimming lane will be provided when swim team is practicing for members wishing to use the pool. This only applies to non-swim team members who have purchased a facility key.

13. Adult swim will take place for the last 15 minutes of each hour while the pool is open. Children may swim during adult swim if accompanied by an adult in the pool (1 child per adult).

14. No pets allowed on the cabaña property. No exceptions.