Graffitti mars a stop sign at Belvue Drive and Bacigalupi Avenue in Los GatosHave you seen the newly arrived graffitti in the Belwood (and Belgatos, and Surmont) areas of Los Gatos?

It’s easy to get it cleaned up: just phone or email it in!

About a week or so ago, Jim and I were out walking the dog when we saw some tagging on Harwood Road and I snapped some pics and emailed it in to the Los Gatos police. Within a couple of hours, volunteers had it all as good as new!

Thank you, graffitti patrol!

When I emailed the police, I copied Alastair Dallas of the Los Gatos Observer (a great online publication with Los Gatos news and commentary) and he did a piece about emailing the officials and how fast it got cleaned up.

What really surprised me, though, was that the next day, Daniel Garza of NBC 11 phoned me and asked to do a t.v. interview with me. It was broadcast on the 7pm news.

The next day, our letter carrier, Randy, told us that there was more tagging on Belvue – so I checked it out,  found one spot on a sign and another on a sidewalk,  and again emailed it in.

So what can you do if you find graffitti in Los Gatos?

Email: or Phone: (408) 354-8600
Give them the exact address so that they can ask the kindly volunteers to take care of it (and if you have a phone handy, snap a pic and send it along too – though that’s not necessary).

Let’s keep an eye out so that we can keep our neighborhood clean!