helicopters over belwood - Helicopters repeatedly flying over Belwood and Belgatos Park

Helicopters over Belwood and Belgatos Park on 6-24-2011

My husband, Jim, likes to joke that “if you like helicopters, live in Los Gatos“.  We seem to be a chopper magnet, especially in the east Los Gatos areas near Belgatos Park.

Last Friday, and again yesterday, there was a helicopter apparently practicing something as it flew low over Belwood, Belgatos Park and the Santa Rosa Drive area in the hills at the end of Harwood Road.  What were they doing?

This is not a new problem for us (and in fact I blogged about it on my Live in Los Gatos blog in the spring of 2007) but there are times I just want to scream at them to knock it off.   I finally called the town of Los Gatos, was transferred to the non-emergency police line where a kindly officer said that he’d had a few complaints but no answers as to what was going on.  “We’re trying to find out,” he assured me.

Like many, I vented a little on Facebook.  One friend thought that the birds were there due to some sort of fencing project.  Another suggested that it was a practice run for firefighters pretending to grab water from Lexington Reservoir to put out fires on the Sierra Azule range.  Who knows.