What’s happening in the Belwood, Belgatos, Surmont, and nearby real estate market? Home sales in the neighborhood so far are varied with some fast, some slowly moving! (DOM in the image below stands for Days On Market). Right now there is just one active listing. Use the link to check them out!

Home sales in the neighborhood: summary and link

Please click this link to see the current listings, pending sales, and closed sales over the last 180 days. There are two pending sales right now. The summary is below from the MLS. If you click that image or the link above, you will see the details on the MLS feed. (These are not our listings, but we have seen many and bid with some buyers on one of them.)


Belwood, Belgatos, Surmont, and nearby areas - homes sales in the neighborhood and market update


Some of these properties that have sold and closed received multiple offers and overbids – this is apparently when  you find the list price is smaller than the sale price, and you’ll note that those same houses also had very low days on market or DOM.

The home sales in the neighborhood include one house that sold with zero days on market was an off-market sale and the sale info was placed on the MLS after the sale was a done deal.

The turnkey, recently remodeled homes are not what we are seeing a ton of right now, but they are the homes that buyer really compete to get.

If you are interested in buying or selling a home in this pretty corner of Los Gatos, please reach out to me and we can set up a time to talk by phone to answer some of your questions and some of mine, and to see if we might be a match for working together. I’ve been a resident of this neighborhood since 1999 and I’d love to share my enthusiasm of it with you!
Email is the best way to connect initially: mary@popehandy.com.

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