Overgrown Sign in Belwood of Los GatosOvergrown signs can keep motorists from being aware of dangerous conditions ahead.

What to do about overgrown signs?

Do you know what to do about overgrown signs so that they can be trimmed and maintained?

Here in Los Gatos, the job of keeping these road signs visible falls to the Department of Parks and Public Works.

If you see a sign like this one (taken on Belwood Gateway near Harwood Road), you can snap a photo or two and email it to the Department of Parks and Public Works at ppw@losgatosca.gov

You can also phone it in, if you prefer. The office number to report overgrown signs or other road hazards is (408) 399-5770.

We saw this on a walk earlier today, and I just emailed it in with the address. Thought it might be useful information for our neighbors!


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