With recent changes in state law, we shouldn’t be surprised at the proposed development at 185 Bacigalupi Dr., but it is so “close to home” in Belwood that it still caught me off guard when I read what is planned for the Riggios’ old home.

What is the proposed development at 185 Bacigalupi Drive?

The home was sold off market in 2023 for $2,268,000.


Proposed development at 185 Bacigalupi Dr - photo of the site in Los Gatos


On May 24, 2024, the owners filed their project to partially demolish the current house and to replace it with two separate units or houses, the larger of which would also have a Junior ADU or JADU (attached and particularly small Accessory Dwelling Unit, or ADU). The paperwork with the town states that they are “Requesting Approval for a Two-Unit Housing Development on Property”. It is actually 3 living units, though, but one is attached.

The architect’s description of the project can be read here, and I’m putting a summary next:

– Partial demolition of the existing one story house approx. 1,748 sq. ft.
– SB-9 UNIT 1: The construction of a new 2 story single family house with two cars garage and
a Jr. ADU = 3,297 sq. ft.

– SB-9 UNIT 2: The conversion of the remaining portion of the house as a detached unit with
one car garage = 786 sq. ft.

What will this look like?

The images below come from the PDFs on the right side of the page from the planning department’s website (the first link shared above).

Here we see the current configuration on the left and the new design:


 Current vs proposed housing 185 Bacigalupi Dr

And next here’s the floor plan for the larger unit proposed for the left side of the lot. The JADU is on the first floor in the back left corner. (The junior ADU looks cute, but there’s only one closet plus a pantry.)


Unit one plus Junior ADU - large home with 2 car garage


The other unit is planned for the right side of the lot and will be created at least partially from the current structure that’s there. It provides a one car garage, but it looks like to the right of it there may be a carport for another car? The larger dwelling’s plans include room measurements. I don’t know why that’s not the case for the ADU, below.


Plan for the detached ADU - no room measurements

How will the proposed development at 185 Bacigalupi Dr look from the street?


Elevation with both - front view

The image above is taken from the supporting documents on the town’s planning department page.

The home on the left would enjoy a 2 car width driveway, and the one on the right a 1 car width driveway, but there’s a large open space to the right of that one car garage, so there may be another car parked there as well. Visually, I think these could look quite nice, if it doesn’t end up with  4 cars being parked across the front of the address.


Two ADUs?

Two accessory dwelling units are legal throughout California now, as long as one of them is attached and the other is detached.

California’s Housing and Community Development page on ADUs and JADUs has loads of info.

Junior ADUs, per the link just above “Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs) are allowed to be created within the walls of a proposed or existing single-family residence and shall contain no more than 500 square feet.” Click on the link above to read more on what is and may be allowed.

Detached ADUs may not be more than 1200 SF.


Is this going to become a lot split?

There is nothing that I am seeing in the paperwork stating that the proposed development at 185 Bacigalupi Dr will take it a step further and split the lot and then sell the 2 dwellings separately. Lot splits appear permissible with newer state laws (this is not the town’s fault).  We will have to wait and see.


This project is unrelated to the plans for the Mirassou site.