No SolicitorsAlthough spring weather has not yet arrived in Los Gatos, the door to door solicitors are out in force, annoying and concerning residents.  Over the last 3 or 4 weeks, it seems that getting an unexpected knock at the front door is almost a daily occurrence.  Surprisingly, many of these happen after dark, as late as 8pm in some cases.  Some want to ask to bid window replacement or other home improvement projects. Some want to sell magazines.  And others are looking for charitable donations or political action.

What can be done?

It’s not a new problem, but lately it does seem worse.  A “no solicitors” sign by the front door may help. The town of Los Gatos requires all door to door salespeople to have a permit, so you may ask to see it.   Many won’t have obtained the peddler’s permit because it costs about $100.

The Nextdoor online group for Surmont, Belgatos and Belwood has been actively discussing this problem.  If you live in the area west of Blossom Hill Road in the general Belgatos area and aren’t already a member, sign up to join now and keep current on what’s happening at