Don’t like the weather? Wait a minute or two!

Today change has been the name of the game  As I write this post, the sun is shining and the wind is but a small breeze.  But a couple of hours ago the hail was pounding down and it lasted for several long minutes.

Hail in Los Gatos: Happy Spring!

The first photo is upclose – you can see that the hail is not large, but it did come down with a ferocious, pounding drive.  The next image gives a better sense of the quantity – the ground was white with fallen hail!

So much hail it looked like snow next to the rose bushes in our side yard. (Los Gatos March 21 2011)
We live on the far eastern end of Los Gatos in the Belwood area. Not sure if downtown Los Gatos got the same hailstorm. Anyone care to fill me in?

A few days ago, this series of storms caused the Los Gatos Creek to overflow.  To read about that, please visit Alastair Dallas’ blog, “All Things Los Gatos“.