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Cat’s Hill Bicycle Race in Los Gatos

The 15th Annual Cat’s Hill Bicycle Race in Los Gatos – May 3rd

To see this announcement in full, visit http://www.catshill.org/2008announce.html and for more info, visit also

The SugarCRM Cat's Hill Classic

Date : Saturday – May 3, 2008

Time : Registration booth opens at 8:30 AM and closes 15 min. prior to each race.

Directions : HWY 17/880 south from San Jose. Take the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno (Hwy 9) Exit. Turn left on N. Santa Cruz Avenue. Go three blocks to Nicholson. Turn right to the start/finish.

Parking: Racers and visitors, please do not park in any merchant lots!! Use the Park & Ride lot north of Highway 9 and street parking out side of the course. Free bike parking is available at the corner of Tait and Bachman.

Course: Same course as always. Tait-Bean-Massol-Nicholson/Ellenwood-Belmont-Bachman-Tait, clockwise one-mile loop with the Start/Finish line at Tait and Nicholson. One very steep climb (23%), five 90o right turns and one 90 degree left turn. Rough pavement! Free lap rule applies; bring your own (strong) wheels.

Registration :Registration will be available (via www.catshill.org) on www.sportsbaseonline.com. A $5 fee will be charged after April 26 and on the day of the race. SugarCRM Breakaway Series T-shirts available for $10 on race day. A current USCF license must be presented at registration (one-day or annual USCF licenses may be purchased at registration). For additional information email catshillclassic@gmail.com.

Kids Race: Registration for the kid’s race opens at 8:30 AM and closes at 11:30 AM. Parents should stage at Bean and Tait between 12:15-12:20 PM. Volunteers will be present to assist you with your children.

Notes: 1. Participation in multiple categories entitles you to a reg. discount of $10 per additional race.
2. District champion fees will not be waived. 3. This race is held under USCF permit.

Prizes : 1/2/3 Women and Pro/1/2/U23 men prize categories will pay out at 100% cash

* Indicates a combined race with fields picked separately and separate prizes for males and females.
** Merchandise except as noted for Pro 1/2/U23 and Women 1/2/3 

Cat’s Hill 2007 is proud to be a member of the Lance Armstrong Junior Olympic Race Series,
NCNCA Premier Series and the NCNCA Junior Point Series

Category Laps Places Prizes Entry Start Time Field Limit
Cat 5 10 3 Medals $25 9:30 50
Cat 4 12 6 $250 $30 10:05 100
Junior 10-12/13-14* 3 3 $50/$50 $15 10:45 50
Cat 3 20 6 $500 $35 11:00 100
Junior 15-16/17-18* 8 3 $100/$100 $15 12:00 75
Kids Race 4-9 0.2 All Medals Free 12:30 75
Women 3/4 10 6 $250 $30 12:45 50
M 35+ 1/2/3 20 6 $500 $35 1:20 100
M 35+ 4/5 12 6 $250 $30 2:20 75
Women 1/2/3 1 hr 10 $1000 cash $35 2:55 100
Pro/1/2/U23 1.5 hr 15 $1990 cash $40 4:00 150



What About Letters from Agents for Buyers Wanting to Live in Belwood, Belgatos or Surmont?

A few weeks back, I received a mass mailing piece from a Realtor with a plea for buyers who would like to own a home in Belwood.

Sometimes real estate agents doorknock, saying that they “have a buyer”.

Is it likely?

Usually, no. Most often agents who utilize this approach are really just wanting to get a listing.  I know, in those cases, it isn’t right. It’s a waste of your time. It’s dishonest.

Sometimes, though, the agent may really have a buyer and is truly going the extra mile.

How can you tell?

Well, I’m a Realtor and I’ll tell you what I do when I have a sincere, serious buyer with a particular need: I hand write the envelope and I hand write the letter. Additionally, I’m specific about why my client might want that particular house (not just any 4 bedroom home in Belwood). When I go to that much trouble, homeowners do take it seriously and I get an extremely high response rate.

But a letter sent to 500 homes? Forget it.

One more thing: if an agent does knock on your door and “has a buyer”, do you really want to enter into a dual agency situation? Do you think that having the same agent represent both buyer and seller is going to be in your best interests?

To get the most money for your home, you need the most qualified exposure. Then you’ll know that all interested or potentially interested parties had a chance.

So if you are thinking of selling your home, call me (or your favorite Realtor) and get the home on the market properly – full exposure. Forget the secret sales.

Grass Fires in Silicon Valley

Today is Labor Day – it’s many things, but it’s also the end of summer. But it’s not the end of the dry season. In fact, the rains won’t really arrive until November. So between now and then, the fire danger will continue to rise in our hilly, rural areas.

A few days ago, the coastal hills near Stevens Creek Reservoir and the Montebello Ridge over Cupertino (just a little north of Los Gatos) burned fiercely.  It took a couple of days and a lot of firefighters to extinguish it.

Now the hills by Mount Hamilton on the east side are ablaze too. We just took a quick drive to the top of Harwood Road to see the enormous plume of smoke rising over the hills by south San Jose.

What does this have to do with Belwood, Belgatos & Surmont?  Earlier today, Bella and I took a walk down Bacigalupi Drive and into Belgatos Park, entering on the side, as we do most days. The grassy area there is parched. The path is covered in wood chips and tanbark. And to my horror, I saw two cigarette butts among the wood chips.

Belgatos Park in Los Gatos CA in FebruaryBelgatos Park in Los Gatos CA in May






Smoking is not illegal in the park, as my husband (the volunteer parks commissioner) reminded me today. But it is very unwise to do it in the tinderbox areas which comprise most of the park.

Should we put a polite request at the entrance to the park that cigarettes are a great danger to the park, to Belwood and to Los Gatos as a whole, and that putting them out in the grassy areas is inadvisable???

To me it’s obvious: fire season and burning objects over dry grass don’t mix. But apparently it’s not obvious to everyone.

Fire season’s not over yet. Let’s hope that common sense prevails and we won’t have any more senseless fires.





Why Choose Belwood, Belgatos, or Surmont?

Blog: Why Live in the Belwood, Belgatos, or Surmont areas in Los Gatos?
by Mary Pope-Handy, posted 8/22/2007

Jim and I bought our first home in Cambrian Park in 1989, and scrimped and saved, and fixed our fixer ’til we could make a move into a nicer home in a better area in 1999. As a Realtor, there were a couple of neighborhoods I had my eye on, but the one I really hoped we could live in was Belwood.

Luckily for us, a home that fit the budget and the needs came up on Bacigalupi Drive in Belwood of Los Gatos just as our starter home a mile and a half away sold. It had all the “right things wrong” (if everything had been “done”, we couldn’t have afforded it!)  It had a great floorplan on a great street with all the rooms we needed (4 bedrooms plus an office, large family room, decent living room, open kitchen – and the dining room was small but has potential). It was not perfect, but no house is. I wished I could have had a larger dining room for our massive family parties (I have a scheme on how I can eventually expand it) and I wish our lot was one of the larger ones (it’s not, the home is newer than most here but also on a smaller lot). Compromise is a big part of home buying. We did, however, get 95% of what we wanted.

And we got great neighbors – fantastic, really. They are all nice, they are quiet, they are wonderful folks.

Why choose Belwood? I had wanted it for the same reason my buyers now want it. It’s close to the hills so is extraordinarily scenic, it has a huge, fabulous park, Belgatos Park. It enjoys a cabana. The streets meander (not straight grids). You see people out and about – walking, jogging, riding bikes, exercizing dogs, and sometimes you even see someone go by on horseback. It’s a real community and it has a nice feel to it.

Folks here take care of their homes. You don’t see a lot of dilapidated cars sitting around. Yards look nice. People are friendly.

In summer, neighbors gather to watch films at the cabana. Folks with little swimmers sign up to be a part of The Dolphins Swim Team.

There’s just a lotthat’s right here in this far corner of Los Gatos.

As for us, I think we’ll be here another couple of decades. We love it here in Belwood.


This website is provided by Mary Pope-Handy, a Belwood resident and real estate agent.


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