Summer was busy and I managed to miss the end result of the voting done in June over the speed bumps (or humps) and the traffic triangle that was proposed at Harwood and Belwood Gateway.  This week I emailed Todd Capurso the Los Gatos Director of Parks & Public Works, and he got me updated in no time.  In case any of you neighbors also blinked and missed the upshot, I thought I’d post it here.

This subject was addressed at the town council meeting on August 15th and the results of the voting were written up in advance.  Read all about it here:

Todd tells me that “the residents on the block between Harwood and Bacigalupi have requested that I come back and meet with them because some of them do not want the speed-hump that was proposed (and passed) for their block”  so there will be some ongoing discussion there about whether to add it or not.  Stay tuned!

Many thanks to Todd Capurso for updating me on this topic.