Valley of Hearts Delight - logo for Mary Pope-Handy's real estate work in Silicon ValleyToday at my Valley of Hearts Delight Homes Blog, I wrote about the costs associated with getting a home ready to sell – that is, what is the outlay for pre sale repairs and staging?

For most typical homes in Silicon Valley, the cost can range from 1-2% of the property’s value.

In Belwood, or in the Surmont or Belgatos areas of Los Gatos, it could be that you’ll want to upgrade your kitchen a bit (granite and new appliances) IF your kitchen sports tile and older oven, stove, etc. In that case, the percentage will go up. But you are then making the leap to selling your home as more of a luxury home rather than an average, but probably large, home in an expensive part of the valley.

For more information on staging here in east Los Gatos, please contact me! I can be reached by cell at 408 204-7673.

Happy Holidays!

Mary Pope-Handy
Los Gatos